Oracle 11g OCP–1Z0-052 视频集锦_数据库教程

Oracle 11g OCP–1Z0-052 视频集锦_数据库教程

教程名称:Oracle 11g OCP–1Z0-052 视频集锦


【IT教程网】1-Course Introduction

【IT教程网】10-Managing Data and Concurrency

【IT教程网】11-Managing Undo Data

【IT教程网】12-Implementing Oracle Database Security

【IT教程网】13-Database Maintenance

【IT教程网】14-Performance Management

【IT教程网】15-Intelligent Infrastructure Enhancements

【IT教程网】16-Backup and Recovery Concepts

【IT教程网】17-Performing Database Backups Part 1

【IT教程网】18-Performing Database Backups Part 2

【IT教程网】19-Performing Database Recovery

【IT教程网】2-Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture

【IT教程网】20-Moving Data

【IT教程网】3-Preparing the Database Environment

【IT教程网】4-Creating an Oracle Database

【IT教程网】5-Managing the Oracle Instance

【IT教程网】6-Managing the Oracle Instance

【IT教程网】7-Configuring the Oracle Network Environment

【IT教程网】8-Managing Database Storage Structures

【IT教程网】9-Administering User Security

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